Electrical Installation Service and Maintenance

Entrust your electrical requirements to a licensed electrician in UK. Your safety is your topmost priority, and that’s why we have electricians who are certified and have the right license to take on the job. Our team gives their 100% at each job and ensures that your electrical problems are fixed without any hassle.
Professional Electrical Installation

Hiring an experienced professional to handle your electrical installation needs can ensure that your specific electrical project in finished with expert craftsmanship and care. The installation process of the electrical system, appliance and or fixtures plays a major role in the functionality and aesthetics of the electrical project. Don’t let your commercial or residential electrical projects be improperly installed.

Electrical Systems Installation

Without professional levels of electrical installation knowledge, experience, skills, equipment and more, your electrical system can suffer from improper installation processes. An improperly installed electrical system can result in less output, functionality and relative electrical safety in the home or business. Your electrical system has a vital role in the levels of comfort and function for homes and businesses alike. Make sure that a trusted electrical professional installs your electrical system.

Electrical Wiring Installation

Installing upgraded or new electrical wiring in your home or business has major benefits, but can be lessened with improper installation services. Damaged wiring can cause serious damages and fire-related health risks in your home or business. To combat these issues new wiring must be installed. You can trust all your new electrical wiring installation need to the experts at Power Integration Engineering. We have years of experience helping clients with their electrical wiring installation needs!

Lighting Installation Services

Gorgeous lighting fixtures do not only help with the levels of lighting. Beautiful and or custom-built lighting fixtures also play large roles in the relative aesthetics of the home or business. Hiring a professional electrical contractor to install the stunning lighting in your home or business ensure that the lighting can reach its fully functional and aesthetic potential in the home.

Electrical Appliance Installation

Electrical home and business appliances will benefit greatly from professional installation services. From fridges to major commercial appliance, a professional electrical contractor can make sure the appliance are perfectly installed.

NICEIC accredited installation

* Industrial, commercial and NICEIC inspections
* Switchgear, contactors and resistors
* Display lighting
* Low voltage lighting
* Emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarm systems
* Air conditioning and heating
* Test and inspections
* Internal and external replacement of lamps
* Blown fuses, circuit breakers
* Fault finding and repairs
* Data and communications cabling
* CCTV installation

Our electrical systems run through every part of a property for use by every person within it, sometimes carrying heavy loads of power. We ensure our team are highly skilled, experienced and fully qualified engineers who understand their essential safety responsibilities. We are full NICEIC members and carry out complete risk assessments and method statements for all our projects.
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